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The Rajkumar College - Rajkot - Since 1870
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Martyr’s Day
30 Jan 2017
30th January, 2017 being the Martyr’s Day, a two minutes silence was observed throughout the school from 11:00 am to 11:02 am. It was observed to pay homage to all those who had laid down...
ORA Day 2017
29 Jan 2017
29th January, 2017 was observed as the ORA Day. Many activities were organized on this day. Altogether 15 stalls of Food and Game Zones were put up. The Old Boys thronged in large numbers and kept o...
Self Defence Training for Girls ( Form - 4 to 8)
28 Jan 2017
As per the requirement of CBSE, every month 01 lesson on self defence is being imparted to the Girls. They are trained on the basics of Self Defence like Instant reaction to adverse situation, Pressur...
Republic Day - a celebration extraordinaire
26 Jan 2017
Rajkumar College celebrated the 68th Republic Day of our country. The revelry began with the Chief Guest being escorted to the majestic quadrangle by the officers of the College NCC battalion a...
ORA DAY - 2017
25 Jan 2017
Dear Old RkCians, A doorway to nostalgia, reminiscing memorable experiences and sharing stories of your naughty childhood, most specially to renew your ties with your old buddies, the Rajkumar Coll...
Inter House Cycling Trip
08 Jan 2017
The boarder boys of the INTER HOUSE went on a cycling trip to Kangasiyali village on the 8th January 2017. Altogether 21 students had undertaken this journey and were escorted by Mr. Hardik Vyas, Mr...
“ Peter Rogerson Memorial Searchlight Tattoo concludes”
30 Dec 2016
The Tattoo concluded on the 29th Dec, 2016 on a grand note. It had started on the 26th Dec, 2016 and was successfully conducted for three days i.e. 26th, 27th and 29th Dec, 2016. It left everyone sp...
“ Peter Rogerson Memorial Searchlight Tattoo”
26 Dec 2016
The Rajkumar College, Rajkot, (the first public school of the country), is organising a grand programme, The Peter Rogerson  Memorial Searchlight Tattoo, on the 26th, 27th and the 29th of Decem...
Inter House Gujarati Recitation Competitions held in the Bhavsinhji Hall:
14 Dec 2016
Form – 3 and Form – 4 : It was held on the 14th December,2016. In Form – 3, the 1st Position was bagged by Jainil Jhaveri of Halar House, followed jointly by Reyansh Punjabi of Goh...
Inter House Hindi Recitation competitions held in the Bhavsinhji Hall:
10 Dec 2016
Form – 4: It was held on the 10th December, 2016. The 1st Position was bagged by Maher Gadhvi of Gohilwar House, followed by Khushi Varu of Sorath House in the 2nd Position. The 3rd Position w...
English Recitation Competitions held in the Bhavsinhji Hall:
08 Dec 2016
Form – 6 : It was held on the 30th Nov, 2016. The 1st Position was bagged by Maher Rupani of Sorath House, followed by Udita Jadeja of Halar House in the 2nd Position. The 3rd Position was bag...
Tattoo Passes
08 Dec 2016
Old RkCians may please note:  All those Rkcians who left the School in or before 2000 may either collect their Tattoo Passes for 29th December, 2016 or have it collected from the S...
French Recitation
02 Dec 2016
The French Recitation for Forms - 9 & 10 was conducted on the 2nd December, 2016 in our Bhavsinhji Hall. It was a tough competition but all the competitors spoke very well. ...
IPSC Information Technology Fest 2016
26 Oct 2016
  The curtains of the mega event, IPSC IT Fest, 2016 finally came down on 25th October, 2016. The event lasted two days with lots of fun and excitement all over the campus. All the events were...
IPSC Service Project, Scindia School (Gwalior):
23 Oct 2016
On 23rd October, 2016, 7 students (Vivek Ughreja, Utkarsh Sharma, Ritvik Srivastava, Amit Narshsidani, Varun Jamba, Vasu Lodhari and Saisunder Jaiswal) escorted by Mr Sandeep Deshmukh left for the S...
Myra Club
22 Oct 2016
The Myra Club organised an exhibition of Diwali handicrafts prepared by our students. The artifacts included different types of candles, diyas and “puja thalis”. They were decorated with...
Golden Night Dinner and Polytune
21 Oct 2016
As per the tradition in Rkc, the night before the day the Diwali vacation starts, the Golden Night Dinner is organized in the famous Dhrangadara Hall (The Mess). The Senior students under the able g...
Parent Teacher Meeting (PTM)
21 Oct 2016
A  PTM was conducted for Day scholars and Towner students of Form I to VIII and Form – XI & XII on the 21stOctober, 2016 from 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm. These interactive sessions ...
IPSC Information Technology Fest 2016
21 Oct 2016
The Rajkumar College, Rajkot is hosting the IPSC – Information Technology Fest for the first time from 23rd October, 2016 to 25th October, 2016. Altogether  21 IPSC schools are ...
Visit to Khakhana village
19 Oct 2016
Thirty students, both Boys and  Girls, escorted by Mr Sandeep Deshmukh, Mr Munish Dubey and Ms Jaydevi Rathod  visited  our adopted village of Khakhana and spent some valuable time wi...
Outdoor activity of Interact Club of Rkc
17 Oct 2016
Ten students of Form – 11 (Boys and Girls), escorted  by Mr Sandeep Deshmukh, visited the Prerna School (for the mentally challenged children) on 17th October, 2016. Our students spen...
Maths Olympiad – 2016
16 Oct 2016
Five students – Yashwardhan Agrawal, Utkarsh Sharma, Rutvik Srivastava, Manav Choudhary and Darrmil Desai – escorted by Mr Ragesh Goradia particated in the Maths Olympiad – 2016 on...
World Anaesthesia Day
16 Oct 2016
30 students of the SSDM Club of Rkc, escorted by Mr Sandeep Deshmukh and Mr Bharat Barad, attended a training programme on FIRST AID on Cardiopulmonary resuscitation at the Balbhavan (Race Course, R...
Round Square International Conference at Stiftung Louisenlund, Germany
12 Oct 2016
A team of 05 students of Form – 11 & 12 (Heer Bharania, Heer Shah, Sharvil Vora, Jitarth Trivedi and Gunj Kotecha) along with our Principal, Mr Shankar Singh Adhikari (Head of RS) and Dr S...
France visit
06 Oct 2016
A team of 22 students (10 boys and 12 girls) escorted by mentors, Mrs. Anita Singh, Mr. Mahendra Singh Chauhan and Mrs. Vimi Joshi left for Le Gymnase Jean Sturm, Strasbourg, France on the 21st of S...
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