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Bookmark Competition organised by the MYRA Club
09 Apr 2016

The MYRA Club of the Girls’ school organized Bookmark Competition on the 9th April, 2016 in the school campus. Girls’ students of Form -4 to Form 9 participated in large numbers and came out with some masterpieces. The most important aspect was the enthusiasm and the creativity which was in the air all throughout the competition. It was a tough time for the Judges to narrow down on the winners.

The 1st position was bagged by Vishva Kotecha (Form – 5B) followed by Mansi Tanti (Form – 9A) and Rudra Padriya (Form – 7A) in the 2nd and 3rd positions, respectively.

We are grateful to Ms Jyoti Jadeja and Ms Bhavna Rathod for organizing and conducting this event, as well as for providing such wonderful opportunities for our students to come out with creative pieces.