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Senior School English Debate (Form XI & XII)
12 Aug 2016

The Senior School much awaited English Debate Competition was held on 12th August, 2016 at our Girls’ School multimedia hall. The event was judged by a panel of distinguished Judges – Mr J J Parmar, Mr Sunil Mashru and Mr Minu Jasdanwala.

The topic for the debate was “Spending billions of dollars on space mission is not justified for a welfare state like India, when millions of people struggle for a square meal.”

The Debate turned out to be very interesting one as the speakers spoke very well. The 1st position was bagged jointly by Akshat Mathur and Raghav Vashisth (Form XII – Gohilwar and Halar House,respectively), 2nd position by Saundarya Fernandez (Form XII - Gohilwar House) and the 3rd position by Yashvardhan Agarwal (Form XII – Sorath House).

Overall, Gohilwar House came 1st followed by Halar in the 2nd position, Sorath in the 3rd position and Jhalawar in the 4th position.

The results were announced by our Principal, Shri Shankar Singh Adhikari.