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Rkcians (Boarders) watch “Rustom”
15 Aug 2016

The latest release -“Rustom” –has become the talk of the nation by breaking all sorts of records at the Box Office. The rave reviews and the value education that this movie has tried to communicate have been truly commendable.

As we know that education can never be complete within the four walls of the classroom, we took all our Boarder students (Girls and Boys, around 320 escorted by 20 staff members) on 15th August, 2016, being a holiday on account of Independence Day, to R-World multiplex theatre for the viewing of the movie. It was also a great outing for our students and they thoroughly enjoyed the movie.

The previous day i.e. on 14th August, 2016, Boarder students of Form 1 to 5 (43 boys and 13 girls, escorted by 06 staff members) went to watch “Mohenjodaro”, directed by Mr Ashutosh Gowrikar. The children had a wonderful time in the theatre.