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The Annual Inter House PT Competition
13 Aug 2016

The Annual Inter House PT Competition was held on the newly laid turf BasketBall court of the Girls’ today at 17:00 hours. Participants from all the four houses – Gohilwar, Jhalawar, Halar and Sorath performed and competed with each other with absolute dexterity. 

Nothing wows an audience like an expertly executed drill performed with grace. Achieving that takes a lot of work. With each morning beginning with an exhausting morning physical training drill and practice, the boys were able to perform each movement and made it look as natural and effortless as breathing.

The boys were clothed in their House T-Shirts, blue coloured sports shorts and white shoes. The teams drew lot of attention and cheer from boys and girls of their respective houses and the staff members.

Gohilwar:      Captain: Shyam Patel            1st

Sorath:          Captain: Amit Narsidani        2nd          

Halar:            Captain: Dushyant Rana       3rd         

Jhalawar:      Captain: Ajay Khuman        4th     

The competition was judged by 04 students of BP Ed (Gwalior) who were undergoing their Internship in our school.

The Chief Guest for the occasion was our Principal-Mr Shankar Singh Adhikari and the results were announced by him.

The trophy to the winning house – Gohilwar – was given by Sir. Each of the other Houses were given a packet of toffees by their respective House Incharges.