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Primary students make a trip to Hingolgadh
03 Sep 2016

The students of Form- 3 went on a trip to Hingolgadh from 1st Sept, 2016   to 3rd Sept, 2016.

The Hingolgadh trip has always been a much awaited trip for the students of the Primary section. They love the Nature, activities, the stay at the camp site, the palace and the food! The energy and enthusiasm in them can easily be seen.

This time also, our students had a great time. They participated in various adventurous activities like Fox Fly and trekking, learnt to overcome their fears of reptiles - especially snakes - and various insects that reside freely in their natural habitats. They also learnt to co-operate and assist their friends and peers, which nurtures values like team spirit in rustic environments.

We have been sending our students regularly to Hingolgadh and such trips have helped them in making them environment friendly with a practical and stronger mindset!