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World Photography Day
19 Aug 2016

19th August is celebrated as "World Photography Day" all over the world every year because the first announcement of a photograph was made on 19th August, 1839 in France by Francois Arago, 25th Prime Minister of France. He gave a presentation to the French Academie des Sciences and Academie des Beaux Arts, which described Daguerre’s (Father of Photography) process of photography.

The Myra Club organised a Photography competition in the Girls’ school on the 19th August, 2016. It was organised in the campus from 2:30 pm to 3:30 pm where the students were asked to click photographs within the stipulated time.

Altogether 18 Girls participated in the event and when the moment came – they all surprised us with their sheer professionalism.

They were judged by Ms Jyoti Jadeja and Ms Bhavna Rathod. The 1st Prize was bagged by Heer Joshi, followed jointly by Alisha Malek and Shreeya Panjwani in the 2nd position and Dhriti Jogi in the 3rd position. The students were of Form – 7.

Heartiest congratulations to the winners!