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Cycling Trip Junior House
11 Sep 2016

The Junior House started their Lodge activity for the current year with a cycling trip on 11th September, 2016.

18 Boarder boys cycled to Kangasiadi Village escorted by Mr. Ravindra Chamadia, Mr. Wasim Mansuri, Mr. Kshitij Mehta and Mr. V Pathak. They embarked on their mission at around 9:00 am and were back in the campus by 4:30 pm. In the process, they had cycled around 50 kms (to and fro) and had thoroughly enjoyed their Sunday outing.

We, at the Rajkumar College, take measures to create awareness about the advantages of cycling from the place we call home. Cycling is also considered as a life-skill emphasising on the importance of environment friendly approach in an era where the natural resources are diminishing and increasing pollution. The boys had found the steep Gondal Bridge quite an uphill task but they conquered this hurdle!