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Sanskrit Recitation Form- V to Form - VIII
21 Sep 2016

The Sanskrit Recitation of Form – 5 to Form – 8 was conducted on 21st September, 2016 in the Bhavsinhji Hall. A large number of students had participated in the initial rounds, out of which 12 of them had been shortlisted for the Finals.

Three external teachers – Mr Sameer Shukla, Mr Kiran Damor and Ms Ami Kansagra were the Judges for the event.

Alisha Malek (Sorath) and Vaishnavi Trivedi (Sorath) bagged the first position, whereas the 2nd position was bagged by Het Joshi (Sorath). The 3rd position was bagged by Bhavya Joshi (Halar).

The results were an announced by the Principal – Mr Shankar Singh Adhikari. Sir was highly impressed with the quality of the speakers and congratulated them on their fine performances.