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IPSC Service Project, Scindia School (Gwalior):
23 Oct 2016

On 23rd October, 2016, 7 students (Vivek Ughreja, Utkarsh Sharma, Ritvik Srivastava, Amit Narshsidani, Varun Jamba, Vasu Lodhari and Saisunder Jaiswal) escorted by Mr Sandeep Deshmukh left for the Scindia School, Gwalior to participate in the IPSC Service Project.

All the students were divided into 3 groups and taken to the “Natho ka Pura” village which has been adopted by the Scindia School. They did various jobs such as carrying the bricks and cement and thoroughly enjoyed their new found responsibility. They had the task of establishing a proper drainage network system through pumps. The students participated with great zeal and enthusiasm to finish off their assignment/project within the stipulated time frame.

On the final day, the students presented their skits in front of the villagers and it was widely appreciated by them and the Chief Guest.

In the process, the students had learnt the art of team building and teamwork, strategic planning to meet the deadline, leadership qualities and to work in the assembly line manner.