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The Rajkumar College - Rajkot - Since 1870
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“ Peter Rogerson Memorial Searchlight Tattoo concludes”
30 Dec 2016

The Tattoo concluded on the 29th Dec, 2016 on a grand note. It had started on the 26th Dec, 2016 and was successfully conducted for three days i.e. 26th, 27th and 29th Dec, 2016. It left everyone spellbound and nostalgic with the aura of Rkc’s culture, tradition and richness flooding down the memories of old and young. The students turned the tables and came out with the best performance ever in Tattoo. This Tattoo will go down in the annals of Rkc where certain events like martial arts and Folk dance were added. Also, for the first time, modern technology of lighting was used. Heaps of praise flooded from all quarters and everybody praised the performance of our students which was simply breathtaking.

The chief guest for the 26th of December, 2016, was Mr. Anupam Singh Ghelot (IPS), the Commissioner of Police, Rajkot. He was totally overwhelmed with the performance and highly appreciated our students, the staffs, The Principal and The President. The performance was compared at par with that of the Police personnel in the Academy.

On the 27th of December, 2016, the programme was graced by Mr. Banchanidhi Pani (IAS), the Municipal Commissioner of Rajkot. He wholeheartedly appreciated the quality and the performance of the students. In his own modest manner, he was quite prudent when he remarked that he had never seen such a marvellous performance in his life. His note of encouragement brought a huge applause from the audience and the performers. He also appreciated the total discipline and the ambience of Rkc.


The Tattoo programme was preceded by the Annual Prize Giving Ceremony, on the 29th of December, 2016. The chief guest for both these functions was Shriji Arvind Singhji Mewar of Udaipur. The presence of the Chief Guest was simply enough to catapult our students to shift to the top gear. They give a sterling performance, maybe ranked among the best so far in Tattoo! The Chief Guest heartily congratulated the performers and the team behind it. He specially mentioned and pin pointed that all the ingredients necessary for the proper education in this modern world was clearly visible. The best quote of his speech which completely summarised the quality of the show – ‘If you have not seen the Tattoo of Rkc, then you have not seen anything.”

The venue for the Tattoo performances on all the 03 nights was the South Ground. In total, approximately 12,000 people thronged Rkc to see the Tattoo which broke all the Tattoos in terms of the attendance of the audience! Our President of Board of Trustees – D S Mahipal Vala of Jetpur was personally present on all the three days.

The Tattoo Set, the sound and light, and the seating arrangements (the best so far) was managed in a very professional manner and hence, every spectator enjoyed the events to the fullest.

The students, the staff members and the supporting staff worked relentlessly and rigorously for more than two months to make this event into a memorable one.

The support of the management, led by the Principal, Shri Shankar Singh Adhikari, was immeasurable and ensured that no stone was left unturned.