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BARAZA-2017 (The Global Water Conservation)
08 Feb 2017

The Baraza, with the French students from Le Gymnase Jean Sturm, Strasbourg, was conducted for the 4th   year in succession on the 8th February, 2017. Like last year, it started on an exciting note with the concept and the novelty of Baraza catching everyone’s attraction.

At the outset, all the fifty students (24 from GJS +23 RKC +3 Exchange students from USA and Italy) were divided into 10 groups with 05 students in each group by the Moderator of the entire event, Mr Sunil Lal. The theme for this year’s session was –‘The Global Water Conservation”.

Each group was asked to select their Leader, Presenter, Artist, Writer and the Resource Manager. To facilitate the students, all the groups were provided the support of five industrious mentors (Ms Seema Modi, Ms Shalini Jadeja, Ms Falguni Katira, Ms Bhavna Patel and Mr Sandeep Deshmukh).

In the inaugural session, the students were explained vividly the purpose of the BARAZA session – to bring the students closer through brainstorming sessions and come out with creative and meaningful ideas and views where everybody’s opinion is respected. The session set forth with Mr. Sunil Lal’s Warm-up inputs highlighting the origin and main goal of this kind of productive sessions. To provide some exposure, a power point presentation of last three years session was showed followed by a theme based PPT. Once the students were fully charged, they were engaged into Poster making activity based on the theme. The unique amalgamation of different nationalities and thoughts was a rare sight. The groups were merrily vying with each other to do the best. In between these activities, the groups were set free with their Mentors for topic preparation and for quality interaction. At the end of the session, each group gave their presentation.

The BARAZA ended with pomp and glory, outsmarting all sorts of hindrances and differences. It just touched the Zenith of success with elegance. The spirit of achievement was sparkling in the eyes of each and every member of this ‘class apart’ session. The spirit of teamwork among the students and the Mentors was very much evident! The whole Baraza initiative was highly appreciated by the students. The students of GJS remarked that this unique session is going to help them a lot, especially in enhancing their competency level and expressed their desire of looking forward to such sessions in the near future.

The session was graced by the presence of our Vice-Principal – Mr. Abijit Das. Mr Jean Michel and Ms Helene Sadowsky highly praised this activity and appreciated that it really helps the students in blending very fast and  advised everybody to implement the noble ideas on personal levels what he/she has gained from this Baraza. With this, the session concluded with Mr. Lal’s thanksgiving note.

We were happy to note that the students were thoroughly engrossed during the entire session and participated with great zeal and enthusiasm. The students had walked into the session as young minds and at the end, they walked out as Men and Women!


The 2nd half of the day was an activity based session which required amalgamation of their thoughts, ideas, creativity in a synchronized manner. The students were taken to a farm house on the outskirts of the city where they were exposed to the Indian style of farming. They went around the farm and were thrilled to see the crops and the nature of our Indian farm. They had bullock cart rides and enjoyed the fresh farm products like groundnuts, tomatoes and green grams. After that they were asked to do the typical style of painting on the walls of a hut. They thoroughly enjoyed the activity and did a remarkable job. The outcome was absolutely mesmerizing! We are extremely indebted to Ms Keyuri Gohil on whose farm we carried out this session. Her uncle (Mr Mahendrasinhji Jadeja) and Mr Puranchandrasinhji Jadeja (cousin) had a very good interactive session with the students and staffs to explain them in minute details of our farming techniques.

We are highly indebted to our Principal –Mr Shankar Singh Adhikari for his relentless support for the Baraza sessions.