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Boarder Girls Cycling Trip
05 Feb 2017

Boarder Girls of Form - XI (13 nos.) went on a cycling trip to a farm house located on Kangasiadia village on the 5th of February’17. The feeling of adventure was so high that the girls did not feel the fatigue of cycling almost 45 kilometers (to and fro). While the world prepares for the world cycling day in a big way, we at The Rajkumar College took baby steps to create awareness about the advantages of cycling starting from the place we call home.

They left the campus around 9.30am, escorted by four staff members Mr Sunil Lal, Ms Anita Singh, Ms Shilpa Bawishi, Ms Vidya Sanath Kumar and Mr. D. Makwana and returned safely by 5.30pm. On the way they stopped twice to refresh themselves, with cold drinks and ice-cream. Cycling is also considered as a life-skill, emphasizing on the importance of environment friendly approach in an era where the natural resources are diminishing and increasing pollution.