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The Rajkumar College - Rajkot - Since 1870
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Republic Day - a celebration extraordinaire
26 Jan 2017
Rajkumar College celebrated the 68th Republic Day of our country. The revelry began with the Chief Guest being escorted to the majestic quadrangle by the officers of the College NCC battalion and our school band. The Chief Guest was the erstwhile YS Mandhatasinhji Jadeja of the Rajkot Royal family, and an old boy, inspected the guard of honour and later unfurled the tricolour. The RkC choir sang patriotic songs to mark the occasion.
It also marked the occasion for the change of guards of the Prefectorial team. The present Prefects delegated their responsibilities to a team of probationers as the time had come for them to get geared up for their Board exams. It’s always a touching moment for us to see the young students blossoming into fine young gentlemen and ladies!

Yuvraj sahib gave a heart rendering speech where he praised the great institution and urged the young students to become the true missioneries of this great institution. In his speech, he said that four generation of the Rajkot Royal family has studied in this school and the 2nd student of Rkc was none other than his great grandfather! He further added that we should all become very fine human beings of the society and that’s how we can pay back something to our Alma Matar!!

Jai Hind !