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Industrial Visit to Wankaner
06 Mar 2017

A group of 25 students of Form – XI (Commerce) accompanied by 02 Staff members (Dr Mitesh Popat and Mr Vijay Soni) visited the Noble Refractories in Wankaner for an industrial visit. This industry is owned by an Old Rkcian, Mr Tushar Dholaria (MD).

On their arrival, a briefing was given to the students about its manufacturing process by Mr. Tushar Dholaria himself. It was quite a proud moment for him welcoming students and teachers from his Alma Mater. The student representatives, Mahadityasinh Zala and Manav Ramaiya presented bouquets to the MD.

The students had their lunch and each one was presented a souvenir. The factory round lasted till 13:00 hrs and then they had an open house followed by lunch.

Being students of Commerce, they got the hands-on exposures about the basics of the Principles of Management along with the unwritten ethical nature of the business. The students thoroughly enjoyed their outing as they had completed their Form – XI Final exams and were enjoying a small break before launching themselves into the Final year of their school life in Rkc.