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Library Week 8th August, 2017 to 11th August, 2017
12 Aug 2017

As a part of our ongoing activity since 2009, this year also the Book Fair was organised for 04 days from 8th August, 2017 to 11th August, 2017 during the “Library Week”. It was organised in collaboration with M/s. Scholastic India Pvt. Ltd., Gurgaon-a renowned publication house of the country. This year the theme was “Science”.

The Book Fair was inaugurated by our Principal, Shri Shankar Singh Adhikari. It consisted of books of various ages and subjects. A large number of students and staff members thronged the fair. It has become one of the major events during the first term of the new academic session.

In a scheduled manner, the students from Priyalok to Form 12 visited the Library. Such activities always bring about cheerfulness and delight to students and this fair was also no exception. Various competitive activities were carried out during these 04 days like Colouring the characters, Story Telling, Spelling Bee, Book Mark Competition, Book Cover Design, Book Talk and Book Review. In fact, its great fun and the entire campus was bubbling with enthusiasm! Around 150 students will be receiving Prizes in the form of Books for winning in the different activities.

A good number of books were purchased by the students and staff members. After all, the basic rationale behind this activity is to attract the present generation into reading habits.

Books of Geronimo Stilton, the author of many bestsellers, were the most sought after books this year. She has become a heart throb for the younger generation for writing funny and whisker – licking – good tales.

It was very nicely organized by our Librarians - Mr Braj Kishore Mishra and Ms. Nikita Israni.