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Awareness drive in Rkc regarding swine flu
18 Aug 2017

The Medical Practitioner of Rkc, Dr B T Dadhania, addressed the students and staff members regarding the Swine flu .He explained in detail the medical terminology of the virus  i.e H1N1, and then briefed us about the Do’s and Don’t’s.

As a part of the precautionary measure, he requested all to adhere strictly to the following measures:

·         Take the swine flu vaccination which is effective  till one year

·         Avoid cold drinks

·         Frequent hand wash with sanitizers

·         Warm water gargle to be done at least twice a day especially before going to sleep at night

·         Avoid crowded places

·         No handshakes

The address has been very religiously conceived by the students and staff members and the precautionary measures are being followed very religiously in Rkc.