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Rkcians participate in MUN (Model United Nations) in Dehradun:
30 Jul 2017
A team of 09 (Kunal Parekh, Sahil Lakhani, Varun Jamba, Harsh Thanki, Avani Sakhiya, Radha Ukani, Maanit Matravadia and Aarya Bawishi) students escorted by Mentor – Mr Sudhansu Swar -  attended and participated in WELMUN - 2017  in Dehradoon from 27th July, 2017 to 29th July, 2017.

This was the 3rd year of WELMUN. The event kicked off with a grand opening presided by the Chief Guest, Major Raj Mehta, who shared his views on youth and the modern day society. Our students were divided into 06 different committees. The topics ranged from Global warfare to the Ram Mandir in India. Each day was divided into 03 sessions. With the passing of the resolutions, the programme was wrapped up with a grand closing ceremony.

Kunal Parekh and Sahil Lakhani representing South Korea, were bestowed with the Verbal Mention Award for their sterling performance. The students not only enjoyed it but gained valuable exposures from the same.