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Mock Drill conducted by NSG (National Security Guards Commandos) in Rkc
12 Sep 2017

It was once in a life time experience for the Rkcians to witness a mock drill conducted by the bravehearts – NSG Commandos, also known as the Black Cats, in the Quadrangle on 12th September, 2017.

Established in 1984, following Operation Blue Star, the National Security Guard is a special unit of the Indian Special Forces under the Ministry of Home Affairs. The primary reason for its conception was to combat terrorist activities with a view to protect states against internal disturbances. 

The NSG Commandos are the best in India and rank amongst the top 5 in the world of elite Special Forces.

They showed us how they climb down from a high rise building to the floor where the captives are held by the terrorists. They also demonstrated the use of trained canines – A Belgian Shepherd (Rocket) who attacks on the weapons of the terrorists and can tear them apart. Another was a sniffer dog (Monk) who is used to sniff and locate bombs and explosives. A Commando displayed the uniform that they put on while being a part of the Bomb detonation squad. The suit weighs 45 Kgs! In fact, the normal uniform weighs around 21 kgs as they are strapped with bullet proof jackets.

At the end of the drill, they had the different kinds of high range and sophisticated guns along with the rocket launcher on display for the students to see it.

The programme was also graced by the Commissioner of Police (City) – Mr Gahlaut - IPS. In his speech, our Principal – Mr Shankar Singh Adhikari – praised the Commandos for braving their hearts to protect our country and its citizens. Mementos were exchanged  by our Principal and their Commanding Officer. It was truly a memorable experience for the Rkc family.

A salute to all these brave warriors!