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The Annual Inter House PT Competition
07 Sep 2017
The Annual Inter House PT Competition was held on the newly laid North Ground today at 15:30 hours. Participants from all the four houses – Gohilwar, Jhalawar, Halar and Sorath performed and competed with each other with absolute dexterity.
Each House had 18 students including their Captains. The 03 C’s – Co-ordination , Communication and Command – were very nicely executed by the students.

The boys were clothed in their House T-Shirts, blue coloured sports shorts and white shoes and were at their callisthenics best. The teams drew lot of attention and cheer from boys and girls of their respective houses and the staff members.

Jhalawar:    Captain: Vasu Lodhari            1st

Halar:          Captain: Ali Sumbhania          2nd          

Gohilwar:    Captain: Nehal Solanki           3rd   


                 Sorath:       Captain: Ajay Khuman            4th    
The competition was judged by 03 competent persons – Mr Chacko Thomas (Bursar), Dr Subesh Upadhyay (NCC – Boys) and Ms Jyotirmay Jadeja (NCC – Girls).

The Chief Guest for the occasion was our Principal - Mr Shankar Singh Adhikari and Mrs Enakshi Singh Adhikari. The results were declared by Mr Mahendra Singh Chauhan.

The Military Advisor’s Cup for PT (2017-18) was given by Ma’am to the winning House - Jhalawar. Each of the other Houses were given a packet of toffees, respectively. The closing ceremony witnessed a breathtaking performance by our School Band which simply left everyone in awe!