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English Elocution (Form 9 & 10):
26 Sep 2017

The much awaited English Elocution of Form – 9 & 10 was conducted on 26th September, 2017 in our Bhavsinhji Hall.

More than 100 participants had grilled themselves for two months to squeeze themselves into the final list of 12 contestants. The filtration had been based on 03 qualifying rounds. But, it was a nail biting qualifying rounds where the Judges had a tough time in evaluating.

For the Final rounds, we had Mr. Minu Jasdanwala, Ms Minal Jivarajani and Mrs Preeti Francis as the Judges for the event. The competition started with a bang and all the contestants gave out their best to turn the event into a memorable one. The quality of their speeches and deliverance was definitely above the benchmark for such competitions.

Rajviba Jadeja (Sorath) bagged the 1st position followed by Nazafreen Palia (Jhalawar) in the 2nd and Darshini Parekh (Gohilwar) in the 3rd positions, respectively. Halar House came 1st followed by Jhalawar in the 2nd, Gohilwar in the 3rd and the fourth place going to Sorath House.

The Judges were simply mesmerized with the quality of our students. The results were declared by our Principal – Mr Shankar Singh Adhikari. He was full of praise for the students and congratulated them on their excellent performance.