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RKC Girls visit RUDA (SLUM AREA)
12 Sep 2017

The Myra Club of Rkc organised a social visit to RUDA along with 30 Girls and escorted by Ms Bhavna Rathod and Ms Jyoti Jadeja. It is an organisation which looks after the slum children and is headed by Mr Taksh Mishra. It is very important that our students get the exposure to such kind of things which is a bitter fact of life. Our students have always enjoyed such interactions and show a lot of empathy towards them.

The students of RUDA had prepared many activities to entertain our students like reciting a verse from the Bhagwat Gita, reciting poems, prayers, etc. These children are taught moral values and ethics in the school apart from the academic subjects and are being brought up to become good human beings. Our students spent the afternoon with them and distributed stationeries to these young children.

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