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Mock Drill by the NDRF Team of Rajkot
21 Sep 2017

The NDRF Team of Rajkot conducted a mock drill on Rescue Operations during calamities on the 21st September, 2017 in our Quadrangle from 15:30 hrs to 17:00 hrs. Disaster Management has become the backbone in every place where a large number of people are engaged in some activity. Hence, it is also important to have such awareness in residential school campuses where large numbers of students are present. Along with public awareness exercises, the Team is also actively engaged in area familiarisation exercises which provide first-hand knowledge about the topography, access route to various disaster-prone areas, and the availability of local infrastructure/logistics that can be used in disaster response operations.

The 6th Battalion of the National Disaster Response Force which came to RKC consists of 1445 members with their Headquarter in Gandhinagar. During the recent floods in Gujarat they had rescued many people. The District Project Officer, Mr Priyank Singh, was instrumental in bringing the team to RKC.

The various mock drills conducted by them were:
1. Rescue operations during calamity. Our enthusiastic students and Teachers also took part in these exercises along with NDRF team.   

2. Rescue equipments were put on display: CSSR Equipments, Detection and Location Equipments, Extraction and Access Equipments, Fire Fighting Equipments, Water and Flood Relief Equipments, Diving Equipments and Medical and Training Equipments.

It was truly a very informative awareness display for the entire Rkc fraternity which had gathered in large numbers to witness the same.

The programme was very nicely organised by the Incharge of the SSDM club, Mr Sandeep Deshmukh.