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The Rajkumar College - Rajkot - Since 1870
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The Rajkumar College, Rajkot will be holding the Round Square Service Project from 30th October to 3rd November, 2017
30 Oct 2017

The Rajkumar College will be adding another feather to its cap by hosting The Round Square Service Project (South Asia and Gulf Region) for the first time in its history under the able guidance of its Principal, Mr Shankar Singh Adhikari who is also the Round Square Head of our school.

Eight prestigious schools which are the members of Round Square including The Rajkumar College, Rajkot are participating in this mega event. The participating schools are The Daly College (Indore), Pathways World School (Gurgaon), The Sanskaar Valley School (Bhopal), The Emerald Heights International School (Indore), Chanderbala Modi Academy (Ankleshwar), Sarala Birla Academy (Bangalore) and Singapore International School (Mumbai). 34 Girls and 40 Boys including 09 Escorts will be participating in the same.

The students will be rendering their services in the adopted school of The Rajkumar College, Rajkot i.e. The Khakhana Village on the way to Wankaner. The project work area comprises construction of toilets, stage, colouring and painting of the school building. The students will be presenting three skits with a message to spread awareness among the public.

The schools will start arriving from the 29th October, 2017 and the three days programme will start from the 31st October, 2017.