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CATC Camp at Khamta from 24th Oct to 2nd Nov 2017
03 Nov 2017
The CAT Camp is always an unforgettable memory, with a different goal each year. This camp was also marked as the last camp of the very enthusiastic C.O. Col. Sanjay Dadhania.

Each day of the camp brought with it variety of knowledgeable experiences, as it delivered various on ground hardships like drills and physical trainings. Now a days, apart from the field trainings, a cadet should also be good with co-curricular skills. Hence, to nurture and bring out their hidden abilities, many cultural competitions were organised such as, Group Dance, Group Song, Nukkad Natak, Line Area, Drill, Debate, Rifle Shooting, etc. Our cadets outshone others to the best of their abilities.

Line Area Competition – 1st Shield – Hirali Vakani

Debate Competition – 1st – Misari Sadharia, Shreya Patel

Rifle Shooting – 1st – Akshata Devkar

Drill Competition – Hirali Vakani was the Parade Commandar

For informative education, cadets visited the AFS Airforce Station at Jamnagar. They observed the Fighter Planes bombarding session and the ATC (Air Traffic Control) Tower practicals. They also gathered information about different fighter planes like Jaguar and Chetak while they took off and landed. They viewed live demonstration of First Aid of Fire Fighter planes, which was conducted by the Traffic Control department. They also learnt about on ground map reading by live demonstration. To sum up the theory session, a motivational speech was imparted by the Group Commander, Brig Ajitsingh at the camp site.

One feels proud of the Armed Forces, especially when one gets to know about the sacrifices and duties of the soldiers. The cadets were bestowed with the opportunity to know about the same with the help of live operation of war. It brought in front of them the courage of the soldiers due to which the nation is secure and successful. Moreover, the cadets were inspired by Paramveer Chakra Awardees, Banasingh and Sanjeev Kumar and Mahaveer Chakra Awardee Digendrasingh, who honoured the camp programme with their charismatic presence. Like always, Principal Sir along with the Vice Principal visited the Camp site with good wishes and some fruit juices for the girls, which boosted their morale too.

As years pass by, batches of cadets keep on changing and with each passing batch, there is an overflow of innumerable memories. The same is with this year’s batch. The cadets showed the utmost disciplined behaviour, which in turn is a commendable achievement for RKC as a whole.