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The Indian Classical Music Competition
14 Nov 2017

The Indian Classical Music Competition was held for the first time in the Rajkumar College in the Primary Section on the Children’s’ Day (14th November, 2017). 

The respected judges were Mr. Anant Vyas, Mr. Bhushan Pathak and Mrs. Jyoti Jadeja. It was truly astonishing to see our young students singing ragas and sargam and that too, with near perfection.  They also performed with the instruments.

The winners were -

 Form 3

 1st position- Meher Kaur Suchariya,

 2nd Position – Meghaviba Jadeja and

3rd Position was shared by Jiya Padaria and Vaishnavi Bhadaliya.

Form 2

1st position- Kayaan Gohil

Instrumental Music

Synthesizer 1st Position – Diya Lotia

Harmonium 1stPosition – Dhruvi Vyas