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Boarder Girls of Form IX & X go on a cycling trip :
19 Nov 2017

17 Boarder Girls went on a cycling trip to Kangasiyadi village escorted by 5 Mentors (Ms Vimmi Joshi, Ms Anjali Namiraj, Ms Neha Sheth, Ms Shilpa Bavishi and Mr Sunil K Lal) on 19th Nov, 2017. It was a 38 km journey (to & fro) and the Group really enjoyed it.

The winter had set in Rajkot and the woollen stuffs were out. Clad in the winter outfit, on a bright sunny Sunday morning, the students embarked on this journey on a very high note. It was fun all the way to the destination. At the farm house, the students played, walked around and cosily basked in Nature’s lap. It was quite refreshing for the Boarders to be far from the same Sunday faces and that too on an adventurous mood!

There was no loss of zeal and energy level on the way back to the campus. By tea time they were back to their nest fully rejuvenated with their outing.