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2nd RKCMUN Conference:
17 Dec 2017

RKC organised an in-house MUN Conference  on 16th and 17th December, 2017.

MUN is a fast growing competitive activity and it also helps the students to churn out into leaders, develop confidence level and  sharpen their inter and intra personal skills. The basic skills that such conferences teaches you are – research activities, art of public of speaking  and adaptation to different ideas.

More than 100 students participated in this 02 days activity. The delegates were divided into 04 Committees – 1. UNSC (United Nation’s Security Council, 2.  UNW (United Nation’s Women), 3. UNEP (United Nation’s  Environment Programme), and 4. AIPPM  (All India Political Parties Meet ).

The delegates participated with great zeal and enthusiasm. They learned during the Conference how to stand, speak and deal with other delegates. Each Committee was successful in passing a resolution. They had done their researches very well and were able to withstand the intense debates.

We are sure that with such kind of exposures, our students will be able to play bigger roles in the whole spectrum of things as well as play even a bigger role in the process of formulating solutions that will make our society a better one.

It opens the mind of these young delegates to a myriad of possible solutions to solve the world’s most pressing problems!