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St Paulís School, Rajkot organises MUN Conference :
21 Nov 2017

St Paul’s School, Rajkot, organised the MUN Conference on the 20th and 21st November, 2017 in which 04 different schools of Rajkot participated. RKC fielded the largest delegates of 41 students (both Boys and Girls) and they were escorted by Mr Parth Davda and Mr Ritesh Vyas.

The delegates had been divided into 04 groups – UNHRC, DISEC, AIPPM and UNSC. Rkcians won a total of 14 prizes. Aman Tripathi and Jugal Ahuja brought the laurels for the school by being declared as the Best Delegates.

It has become an integral activity in Rkc and the students have been benefitting   immensely. They are being sent to attend each and every MUN Conference and it has helped them to gain confidence and develop the desired traits to become the leaders and ambassadors of the future.

Keep it up Rkcians !