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The Rajkumar College - Rajkot - Since 1870
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Life at school
A mini society in itself, the school provides ample opportunities to make friends, share thoughts, discuss, argue and make over and learn to lead an enriching life in the outside world.

Morning P.T., classes, prep, games, dramatics, weekend movie, trips & tours, lodge parties, competitions: each has its significance, glitter & magnetism.

The RkCian routine
The morning begins with physical training (PT) followed by a school assembly and academics till lunch time with a breakfast and mid-morning break. House Time, Afternoon Studies (Prep), remedial classes and co-curricular activities are held in the afternoon. After tea, organised games are scheduled for an hour. The College is well known for its fine record in cricket and we are also strong in hockey, football, tennis, basketball, athletics and aquatic sports.

Day Scholars may participate in the routine Prep, sports and extra-curricular programmes of the College, but have the option of ending the school day and going home after classes at lunch time.

For those in residence, evening study is followed by dinner and lodge activities. “Lights out” is not later than 10.00 p.m. for all except Seniors who are allowed to study till 11.00 p.m. Prior to Board examinations, boys and girls are permitted a further, short period of study in their study rooms.

Sundays and holidays are earmarked for playing matches, leisure-time pursuits and outings.

Ample opportunities and facilities are provided to cater to the diverse needs of  boys and girls. Co-curricular activities include fine and creative arts, instrumental and vocal classical music, dance and physical education. Other  activities include dramatics, recitation, lecturettes, debates, public-speaking, science and computer projects, quiz programmes, environmental awareness and archaeological excursions, trekking and yoga.

Educational field trips are arranged during term-time in conjunction with these activities. One field trip per class, per term, is arranged for a minimum duration of two to three days. There is also a guided visit to Hingolgadh Nature Reserve. Trips within the country are generally to forested areas and supervised camping is encouraged.  Closely supervised tours to various parts of the country also take place in the vacations. The emphasis is on gaining knowledge of national assets in preference to traveling out of the country.

Additional educational trips and tours
During the summer and winter vacations extensive tours are arranged to geographical, historical archaeological and scenic sites within the country. Visits abroad have included destinations in the Himalayan regions, South-east Asia, Africa and Europe.


Our senior students are the Head Boy, the Deputy Head Boy, Senior Girl, Senior Prefects and Prefects. Each residential House has a Head Monitor, an Assistant Head Monitor and eight to ten Dormitory Monitors. Prefectorial and Monitorial responsibilities from the earliest age group provide opportunities to develop teamwork and leadership qualities. The emphasis is on setting examples of good conduct and correct attitudes rather than dictatorial behaviour. Punishments are not encouraged but discipline is strictly enforced.