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The Rajkumar College - Rajkot - Since 1870
Events » Searchlight Tattoo
Searchlight Tattoo

The Peter Rogerson Memorial Searchlight Tattoo

The Searchlight Tattoo was composed and developed over the years by Peter Rogerson, the College’s beloved, late Principal. It has captured the hearts and imagination of thousands of enthusiastic spectators. Its masterful blend of light, sound and movement has no parallel.

The Tattoo has continued to develop into the grand, panoramic spectacle it is today. It is presented in an arena spanning a vast portion of the South Ground, with a backdrop of the East façade of the College before which there are displays and light interludes set to evocative music; beat by beat these sketches are performed non-stop for around three hours. The performance ends with a solemn, most impressive, Ceremonial Parade of the House, School and National Colours.

The grand Finale represents the extensive teamwork involved in the production of the Tattoo in which virtually the whole school, girls, boys and staff, participate.